Belgaqua has moved !

New address: Boulevard de l'Impératrice, 17-19 = 1000 Bruxelles (Belgium)

New: Repertoire 2018

The new edition of the REPERTOIRE of conform devices (EN-1717), backflow protections and fluids of category 3 is issued under pdf format. Includes the technical specifications of domestic installations. (French edition - for Dutch (NL), switch to the Dutch pages first)

The Blue Book (Livre bleu) is still available

77 questions about drinking water and waste water treatment. Download as pdf only in French or Dutch, or ask a hard copy (booklet).

Extension of the package of services offered by BELGAQUA in the field of testing of backflow prevention equipment

Belgaqua offers now the opportunity to manufacturers to test the non-return valves and backflow prevention systems according to the European standards. For more info: contact us

Cold weather Warning

Prenez en temps utile les precautions contre le gel


Some people make use of electronic adresses they found in mailing lists in order to spread via e-mail inconvenient messages or virusses. In some cases, the adress of the sender seems to originate at BELGAQUA.
BELGAQUA states strongly that it does not send such junk mails and condemns firmly such pratices. Do not hesitate to throw away every suspicious mail

Water statistics 2016 for Belgium - New decrease of water consumption

In the section "key numbers", you will find the water supply statistics for Belgium in 2016. The drinking water consumption by households decreased again significantly compared to 2011,when it was 101,8 liter/person/day while in 2016 the daily average consumption fell further down to 95,5 litres per person. The average Belgian consumer is still one of the most water saver of all industrialised countries.
Since 1996, the decrease amounts to more than 20 %.

Technical Regulation for water intended for human consumption

AquaFlanders (, the new name of SVW, Samenwerking Vlaams Water, the umbrella for the Water Supply sector in the Flemish Region, has issued its Technical Regulation for water intended for human consumption. This Technical Regulation has been established to implement the Decree of the Flemish Parliament of van 24/05/2002 and is now fully integrated in the Decree of the Flemish Government of April 8, 2011 including the water delivery regulation (see and specifies the technical requirements which domestic water installations must comply and defines the relationship between the Water supplier and the customers. The Belgaqua Technical Requirements for domestic installations (see "publications") are an integral part of this Technical Regulation.